FAQ of Home Ventilation

1. Can I install the ventilating fan myself?
If you are trained in electrical installation and equipped with necessary tools, you are able to install it yourself.

2. What are the methods mounting the ventilating fan?
The most common and cheapest method would be to cut a hole in the glass window before mounting the fan. However, this is limited to window-mount ventilating fans.
Other methods include replacing the existing window pane with an acrylic sheet or wooden board.
However, this is not approved for HDB flats. For owners living in condominiums, please check with the management to see if the 2 abovementioned methods are allowed.

3. Is my window type suitable for installing a KDK ventilating fan?
     There are mainly 4 window types, namely, push out panel (top-hung), movable louver, fixed louver and lastly, sliding window. For all the above methods, we are able to install it using our customised method as we will be mounting the set on the wall itself rather than on the window. Ventilation is possible even for fixed louver windows as long the window panes are tilted open.

4. Is the maintenance of the ventilating fan difficult?
     The maintenance of the fan is similar to that of a stand fan. You just need to unscrew the two ends of each louver and press to the catch at each side and the louver will be removed. As for cleaning the blades, you just need to turn the center cap and the blades and cap will come off.

5. Will it take up a lot of energy?
     Based on the chargers of VietNam Power, Example the new electrical tariff is at  2,000 KW/H.
     Based on calculations that our ventilation fan runs on 15W/H:

     2,000 vnd X 15/1000 = 30 vnd
     Thus, you will be paying 30 vnd running the ventilation fan per hour.

     30 vnd X 24hours= 720 vnd
     You will be paying 720 vnd to run the ventilation fan per day.

    720 vnd X 30days = 21,600 vnd
     You are paying 21,600 vnd per month to run the ventilation fan continuously.

     A normal refrigerator running continuously 400 Watts will cost you 576,000 vnd per month.

6. I do not have an additional power point in the bathroom. Can I still install a ventilating fan?
     The electrical source of the ventilating fan would be tapped from the existing source. It can be either from the ceiling lights or the water heater so that when either one is switched on, the ventilation fan gets turned on too.

7. What is the difference between a ventilating fan and a normal fan blowing in the bathroom?
     Ventilating fan is able to draw air out constantly, removing dust, moisture, odour as well as chemical pollutants in the air. Due to the air movement in the room, the temperature will be cooler.

     As for a normal fan or wall fan blowing inside the bathroom, there is a misconception that by blowing the air around the room, one can achieve the effects of lowering the temperature in the room as well as drawing air out. However, the fact is that aside from lowering the temperature, air cannot be drawn out effectively as the fan will only move air around the room and air will only get out of the room occasionally. Air is being constantly reused and gets trapped in the room.

8. Why do I need to use a ventilating fan when I can have a normal fan at my window when it can perform the same task?
     Placing a normal stand fan or table fan at your window to draw air out of the room would no doubt be a solution but it will not be as effective as a ventilating fan. Firstly, its purpose is not to draw out air, but to blow air as in the case of a normal fan, thus it will perform its task of performing greater air throw and wider air spread rather than concentrate on drawing higher air volume. Secondly, as mentioned in the case of 15WUD (window mount propeller fan), in the case of high pressure environment, it will not be able to perform up to standard and may malfunction over time. Lastly, the energy consumption is not as cost effective as a ventilating fan. The stand fan would usually use 3 times more electricity than a ventilating fan and in long term, you will be spending much more instead.

9. What is the time taken to install a ventilating fan and how much does it cost?
       Generally installation will take 30minutes to 1 hour, depending on the power points and other factors. As the acrylic and the spacers have been pre-customised before the installers come down, no more additional cutting or sizing is needed.

       Installation charges vary depending on the window size and also other factors such as power points and obstructions. For a typical installation – normal window size without any obstructions, and tapping on existing power point – the cost is approximately $300 - $400 (use this as a guide, the final cost is dependent on the contractor's assessment).

10. I am living in an HDB flat. Is there any way in which I can still mount the ventilating fan directly onto the glass window?
       Yes. You may change the window grills and submit a proposal to HDB for approval that includes the ventilating fan to be mounted on the window itself. Only in such a scenario will HDB allow the ventilating fan to be mounted directly on the glass windowpane.

11. I live in a condominium, can I install the ventilating fan in my home?
       Yes. As long as the ventilating fan is installed inwards, and does not affect the aesthetic of the building.

12. Can I still have access to my window if I use the Ventilating fan?

 Yes. You may still clean the window and close it as and when you like as there will be enough space between the acrylic sheet and the wall for you to access the window.

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