Provide ventilation system for civil housing

Building nowadays mostly are tightly built with aluminum casing windows and rubber lining door to retain energy efficiency and limit heating or cooling loss. However, it comes at the cost of poor indoor quality (IAQ).

That means, staying indoors will not give us clean and fresh air because the concentration of indoor pollutants, such as odors, dust, pet dander and bacteria, can reach up to five times higher than found outsides. These biological pollutants cann be hazardous to occupants and structural integrity.

In order to provide a healthy living environment to you, ventilation plays an essential role

We understand that most homeowners are often confused when they have not found a reputable unit to help build the ventilation system for their house.

With more than 100 years of research and production of wind and air moving know-how, KDK has always been a leading manufacturer in the industry  which provided RoHS compliant ventilation products

Beside supplying products, KDK Vietnam has established a team of consultants and executives of "ventilation systems" for apartments, detached houses, villas, offices, restaurant, etc.
If you and your family are in need of a comprehensive ventilation solution, please contact us:
Consultant and construction team:

Advisory support and give solutions - Ms Nhu: 028 3827 2783 - 101 or Ms Tam: 028 3827 2783 - 102

Construction and technical support - Mr Thach: 01689.636.834



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