• Propeller series
  • Motor equipped with thermal fuse
  • High air volume

Price: 890.000đ



These fans are installed in the ceiling connected with ductwork, by which indoor air is exhausted either through the roof or the exterior wall. Since they are mainly mounted inside the ceiling, the interior is not damaged.

Various types are available for different needs. DC Motor type provides a premium solution for both spot and whole house ventilation; Super Quite type a quiet and comfortable environment to youl and Recessed Series lets you have double enjoyment with its dual functions

  • High Air Volume
  • Easy Installation
  • Designed for long service life with continuous daily operation
  • Motor equipped with thermal fuse


1.       Energy Saving

The newly developed Direct Current (DC) motor reduces power consumption that increases energy eficiency up to 37% and saves operation cost accordingly

2.       Intelligent Technology

The innovative technology maintains constant airflow that minimizes static pressure limitation induced by duct length to increases flexibility of installation

3.       High Flexibility

Variable air volume provides 3 airflow levels and stop mode, that are available for speed setting to suit your requirement

4.           Convenient

Switching maximum speed to low speed after leaving can be done by delay timer automatically

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