• 3 speed
  • Permanently lubricated ball-bearing assembly
  • Wireless remote with 1,3,6 hours timer

Price: 3.790.000đ



Nowadays, air conditioning is very popular in modern living; however, ceiling fans are still beneficial for human life. Ceiling fans not only create wide span of airflow for cooling effect, but also help the circulation of cool air generated by air conditioning system in the room

By the pursuit of higher quality of life, ceiling fans are expected to have more funtions and value added features. When you select a ceiling fan, safety and reliability would be one of the major concerns

  • Wireless remote controller
  • 3-speed selection
  • 1,3,6 hours timer
  • Sleep mode
  • Thermal fuse prevent overheating of power surge
  • Safety wire provided and Cut-off safety switch equipped
  • Fall prevention of blade adopted
  • Permanently lubricated ball-bearing assembly

Newly developed direct current (DC) motor are adopted in these fans. Power consumption is reduced as compared with alternative current (Ac) motor that energy saving is achieved

Dc motor has lighter weight compared with conventional AC motor, that allows easy handling for Dc ceiling fan.

Our aim is to minimize and reduce the accidents that may lead human injury;

thus, the safety policy by KDK must be carried out to prevent any dangerous accident

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